What Am I Doing Wrong , I Need Help 13/16

Please what is it that am not getting right in this my landing page , am only getting 13/16 please i seriously need help here guys … thanks in advance

My product Landing Page

Are you getting any error messages?

click on the 13/16 to see which tests are not passing, and read the error message below the failed tests

try on your own, if you need more help asks again

thanks i can see where am getting it wrong there now… let me fix them

please help me i have try everything to pass the video error but it keep coming , check my video and tell me what am doing wrong , i have pass others only the video now is my problem

#video should be an <iframe> or <video> element

the iframe you have is #vidoe
the #video element is a div

done … thanks a lot … is now 16/16 check if is looking good for me to submit