What am I doing wrong in this challenge?

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong here?

My code so far

// You drop your car off at the mechanic and you want the shop to 'call you back' when your car is fixed.
let carIsBroken = false;
const callCarOwner = () => console.log("Hello your car is done!");
const fixCar = (carIsBroken, callCarOwner) => {
if (carIsBroken === true) {
  carIsBroken = false;
// After the car is fixed, the last thing we do is call the car owner - that's our 'callback function'.
fixCar(carIsBroken, callCarOwner);
let count = 1;
const addOne = () => (count += 1);

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Challenge: Register a Store Listener

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Your code is completely unrelated to the challenge you have linked to. As we do not know the requirements for the code, we can’t really help.