What am I doing wrong on my Wikipedia Viewer?

I am trying to display just the JSON data that I get from the api call to wikipedia but it’s not displaying. I will take care of sorting out the info that I get from the api call later. I just want to get this step to work.

Here is a link to my codepen. Could someone please take a look at my code. Many thanks.

data.query.pages[pagenum] is undefined, so nothing is displayed on the page. If you tried to inspect the data.query.pages object in the console, you’ll see that it has a number of objects that can be accessed with numeric keys.

Try running this code in the function callback:

for (let id in data.query.pages) {

I tried out your page, and as far as I can tell your ajax request isn’t sending back any usable data. I found the Wikipedia API really difficult to understand- I definitely recommend going to the sandbox and playing around for a while to really understand how the query needs to be formatted to work properly.

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