What am I meant to have learn from completing the "Ditch Custom CSS for Bootstrap" exercise?

What is the point of this exercise.

It tells me to add things and to delete things, so i’m following the instructions, as if somebody has asked me some questions to which I don’t see the point, but I answer anyway wondering if if I passed,

and hey presto I passed the exercise. For what? It shows that I know how to delete classes from my style sheet, how to add classes to an element. How to replace blah with bleh.

The exercises before were sensible, you made changes that were designed to show you what something does.

But in this exercise i’m just following some instructions that teach me nothing and clicking submit and I pass but learn nothing from the exercise.

What’s it all about?

It’s showing you how to use a library instead of writing your own CSS. It’s introducing you to some common classes in one of the most popular front end libraries in use.

@Ariel I don’t think you are understanding me correctly. This is not the first bootstrap exercise. There are other bootstrap exercises before this one and this question I mention doesn’t apply to those others.

Obviously any bootstrap exercises are showing you how to use a library. The bootstrap library, that’s obvious.

What I am saying is that this exercise doesn’t make any mention about change in visual effects it just says delete this add this etc If you are trying to say that it introduces me to some common classes, well, so do the other exercises. But this one doesn’t state anything about visual effect at all. Just delete this add this. Do you understand what I mean?

You can create a GitHub Issue with suggestions for making the instructions more informative.