What am I missing here? Extend Constructors to Receive Arguments

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It looks like it’s okay but, it doesn’t work and passes the test why?

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function Dog(name, color) {
this.name = "Albert";
this.color  = "blue";
this.numLegs = 4;
let terrier = new Dog("fluffy", "green" );

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Challenge: Extend Constructors to Receive Arguments

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Hey there @KittyKora :wave:,

The challenge asked you to give it a name and color, you did it right, but the parameter would be useless because you didn’t set it up so it will change the name and color property of the class. So this.name and this.color won’t really change.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you :3 That helped and i was able to solve it

It should not be the string name but the name of the parameter.
By only calling the string it would’t change a thing

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Great job figuring it out… :clap:

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