What and all courses should I take to become full stack developer

What and all courses should I take to become full stack developer?
Help me with course description and prerequisites.

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It really depends on what you already know? Are you a complete beginner?
If so, the best course of action is to start at the top of the FCC Curriculum and work your way down from there.

The first course is the Responsive Web Design certification, which will teach you the fundamentals of HTML and CSS.

Hi, I have Frontend requirement of using Angular 8 and React or above with Typescript and RXJS and Backend requirement of using Typescript. Kindly suggest me courses for it.

are you sure about this ?

There are lots of nice YouTube videos which will teach you required skills.

Can you tell us more about your background, current knowledge level etc or you’re starting from scratch ?

Just watching / doing course is not at all sufficient to be a developer. You need to build loads of projects ( on your own only ) to master the skills learnt in the course.

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