What are some examples of 'everyday' use cases of JavaScript?

I have a technical interview coming up and was wondering what the interviewer meant by ‘everyday use cases’ of JavaScript. No algorithms will be involved and it will be ‘easy stuff’. The hour will last 1.5 hours so I don’t think I will be building anything huge. So what are some examples of using JavaScript on a daily basis? I imagine DOM manipulation and AJAX calls but can’t seem to think of anything else.

Yeah, I think it would be simple DOM manipulation, click handlers, etc. I might want to brush up on my JQuery too - it’s not technically “JS” but it is ubiquitous.

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Conversion sites.

  • temperature C to F, F to C
  • decibel calculators
  • currency conversion
  • color picker
  • calendars, date calculators
  • random password generator
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Answer it with another question. What doesn’t use JavaScript these days?

Even unity game engine uses it.
JavaScript was used exclusively for front end development and now has expanded onto backend with node.js. it went even beyond into mobile development.

Even Bootstrap CSS uses javascript to support it.
Angular, React and all that frameworks is just javascript.
Node as someone already mentioned.