What are some good ideas for a first react native app?

I am starting my path at React Native. To apply for any freelance or startup position I will be asked for experience. I want to develop a first app that both is useful as portfolio and can be useful for somebody else.

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Why not the suggested projects?

Solve a problem you are facing, even if stupid. If you solve your own problems you become good at stuff and you probably solve someone else’s problem aswell!


me too I have this problem, I have started by developing a simple calculator with the help of Expo. If you want I can share the source code with you.

Even just duplicate someone else’s simple app. There are only so many “great ideas that no one else has thought of”. and frankly, if I think of a “great idea that no one has thought of”, I’m probably going to keep it to myself.

Just find a cool little app and make your own. You’ll learn and get a nice portfolio piece.

Being a musician, I’m thinking of coding a metronome and maybe a note quiz app. There are many of these already, but it will be great experience.


what about co-developing it with you @ksjazzguitar . this way we will also improve the spirit of working in group(if the traduction is right hhhh)


As much as I would love to try to code something with a partner, right now I’m a little strapped for time. Besides working 30 hours a week and trying to learn coding, a few friends and I started a business last night. And I have to find time for my wife.

Sorry, I just can’t make any more commitments. Maybe next time.

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no problem, good luck in your professional and personal life.

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Thanks for the responses guys.
I read this article. Reactjs vs Vuejs - What to Choose?
Both React.js and Vue.js have benefits and disadvantages, that may confuse a potential client at first.
What do you think about it?

Build a clone of some of your most used apps

Here’s a very detailed article on the best React Native app ideas that you can build to learn the basics of React Native while also building a portfolio. The suggested features are of a gradual level of difficulty, so it’s up to you how deep you want to go with a given app idea.

If your goal is to get employed I would highly recommend you to learn React over any other JavaScript framework out there. When you look for a job you barely see Vuejs as a requirement, maybe as nice to have, whereas React is everywhere. Angular is also popular depending on the area, Vuejs is the least popular out of the 3.

As for a nice application to build, I’d follow Kevin’s suggestion, just duplicate someone else’s app, there’s no better way to learn than that and you get to do something that looks good if you pick right. Or as others have suggested, think of a problem you are facing and try to come up with a solution.

I would also recommend to stay way from amateurish projects, at least for your portfolio, this industry is highly competitive, if you want to stand out you will need good projects, not simple calculators and stuff.