What are some good ways to apply for Web Development jobs?

I am building my portfolio website and getting ready to start applying for my first job. I’m just not sure how to start… What are some good ways to apply? Like should I apply through Indeed or Github? Are there any good ways to apply to Web Development jobs in the real world?
Thanks, any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:

Summary of other postings here:

  • Apply to job ads (e.g., on Glassdoor, etc.)
  • Email people in IT at companies you would like to work for who are not yet advertising
  • Go to local tech events (e.g., meetups) and let people know you’re looking
  • Make sure everyone you know knows that you’re looking (even if you don’t ask them for anything)

Good luck

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Update you LinkedIn profile and skills and try connecting with big companies.

I’ve heard https://www.indeed.co.uk/ is a good option for tech jobs in London.