What are some other online learning curricula, playlists etc. to really advance my CSS knowledge?

I found out that what works best for me is finding MOOC-style course centered on one topic/ technology which is prepared by insiders and takes bunch of days to go through. Or like one hour long youtube videos or long YT playlists are also great when well prepared. Anyway I cant really find any free course, youtube resources or anything similar to really advance my CSS knowledge. Does anyone have some tips?

(I find W3Schools too beginner level and MDN too uncomfortable and too scattered for effective learning.)

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Here us a you-tube channel i always watch , a lot about css animations-etc and many other useful things like bootstrap,sass etc.

Here is the link for it


It would help to know some of the topics/technologies you’re looking for.

Since you mentioned MOOCs, I assume you’re already familiar with Coursera, Udacity and edX, all of which offer their courses for free, though they try to push you to pay.

I’ve mentioned before that Coursera’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript course from Johns Hopkins is great for CSS. You can skip the videos for the other stuff and just watch those, if you want. He demonstrates how to create a website with it and shows why some things cause errors and how to fix them.

Codeacademy has some advanced CSS topics in its free tutorials.


Two suggestions from a non-pro:

  1. follow this page and look at the topics
  2. look up specialized approaches such as this one for navigation menus
    *see if you can figure out how they do it

I mean look at this one - pretty cool right?


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For practice and to compare different CSS used on the same HTML code, check out

It’s the same web page done in many different styles. Anyone can submit their own CSS style. It’s amazing what can be done and how very different styling can make a page look.