What are some ways to manage a large project with many parts

Lets say your building a large project by yourself and you have more parts that you can track mentally. what are some ways to stay on track and not waste time getting lost and confused

I would suggest you use tools that can help you stay on track. I personally use trello board to keep track of my project workflow and progress, you can check it out trello`

On my side, building a graphical design of the screens will be the first step.

I use Figma to design the screens but you can use other tools like Sketch or Photoshop. Just don’t get caught in making it too perfect since it’s only helping you to have a road map of what you’re building.

After designing the screens, the second step would be to design the architecture of the project by breaking your features into modules that contain components.

I use mind map tools for that and that clears a lot of things before jumping in the project.
You can use any tool that allows you to draw rectangles with arrows.

You should be good to go once you have the design of screens and architecture of the system.

I hope that it answered your question.

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