What are the backend tech stacks of these two Apps?

Hi guys! Assume these two apps(LetGo & Shpock) are built on React Native on the front-end. What are the possible or most efficient back-end tech stacks these two apps are using?

Shpock Nginx

LetGo PHP(?)

Always a good starting point is to look at what types of Developers they are trying to hire.

Both sites are looking for:

  1. PHP Developers for Back-End development.
  2. iOS and Android Developers for mobile.

Assume both applications use PHP and Nginx for backend. Which other technologies are more suitable in your opinion than PHP or Nginx? I am trying to learn back-end development and I will create a clone of LetGo as a project.

// I am a Javascript developer (Front-end)

You can build frontend SPA with React (web) and React Native (mobile), because it appears that you know how to do that. For the backend, you could build some small NodeJS microservice API’s to create and read data from a Mongo database. That way, you can keep using JavaScript for the whole thing.

Also, PHP and Nginx are related not separate backend stacks. PHP is a language. Nginx (or Apache) is a server that runs PHP, just like Node is a server that runs JavaScript.