What are the benefits of working through the WHOLE curriculum?

I am up to the Responsive Web Design Projects, so have almost completed the Responsive Web Design certification. So, the first certificate. only 9 more certificiations to complete.

How many people actually complete the whole curriculum?

Is it necessary? Is it worth it?

What are the benefits?

Why should I work through all 3000 hours?

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Hi @hughesa1 !

No one can really complete the full curriculum because the team is always adding more certifications.
Right now they are building out the Data Science curriculum.

But if you want to complete the Legacy Full Stack Certification than you have to complete these certifications.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Front End Libraries
  • Data Visualization
  • APIs and Microservices
  • Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance

You can find all of the projects information needed to obtain this full stack certification in your settings.

Depends on what your goals are.
There have been plenty of people that have not completed the current curriculum and gotten jobs.
FCC will give you a good base and foundation and then it is up to you to run with it and continue to build more advanced projects and get involved with the developer community.

It is a good start and gives you a good foundation to grow.

That is just an estimate. Some certifications will take longer than others.

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Last I checked, almost no one. Even when there wasn’t any Python stuff, I don’t believe everyone did 100% of everything, including the extra interview prep, before they got a job.

You will learn more stuff no doubt, but if that stuff you learn is relevant is more up in the air. For example the Python curriculum is useful if you want to get into data-science. Less so if you don’t.

I’d only work on what you need/want to learn rather than try to learn everything for the sake of learning everything. Simply put there is a lot to learn, and only limited time, so you have to pick and choose what you can learn.

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