What are the best and fastest way to learn web dev . do u have any roadmap for it

i ma looking for an answer of this question very long can anyone please reply . i will be very thankful for it . beacause need job as soon as possible due to some issue.

freeCodeCamp is a good way to learn web development (there are other good ways out there!)

but learning web dev is not fast, you would need at least a few months to get confortable with the topics, and pretty rarely someone is job ready in few months

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Hey Zafar,
I am not a developer yet, but I am learning how to become a web dev.
From my whole learning experience, I can say one thing, programming is Simple but not Easy. You have to work hard.
FreeCodeCamp has all the basics which you need to become a web dev.
Just follow the curriculum & also try to find videos on Youtube related to web dev.
And about time, it will definitely take a couple of months like 6 Months to 1 Year, it is pretty rare that someone will become job-ready in a few months.
Hope this helps.

Hi @zafarhussain633!

I think the mindset of “How quickly can I get a job?” might actually work against you. It might lead to you rushing through the curriculum and slapping together a portfolio that doesn’t stand out from the other applicants. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where there are serious holes in your education because the clock is ticking down.

So, if you are looking to get employed within a small timeframe than you will need to put in some serious hours, research like crazy, create a good portfolio and resume. Also it is going to be super important to start networking and making connections with other developers. I would also see if you can contribute to open source projects.

FCC is a great place to start.

Good luck!

Happy coding!


THANKS FOR PRECIOUS reply it helpfull