What are the best next steps after building project page?

I created this website to showcase some of my skills. There is a lot left to do to make it better but I’m getting stuck in analysis-paralysis.

These are all the issues I’ve identified so far: link. But I’m not sure what to focus on/how to balance my time.

I don’t want to keep tweaking the site if it’s actually more important (to recruiters) that I’ve done other things like creating test scripts…? But then I don’t want to waste time learning something new (like creating test scripts) if it’s better to continue honing existing skills (i.e. d3).

Any advice?

When I resize the window, I can see some UI issues on the website. If you want to use a project to show your skills, it should look like a website which is ready, at least something that you would release as an MVP.

Don’t focus on adding new features to the website. Focus on 2-3 core features and try to make website looking good on mobile devices and align all UI elements.

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I suggest that you keep coming back to it as you learn more. Maybe every time you finish a project, you should come back to your portfolio to add that project and also to use your new knowledge to put another layer of polish on.

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Thanks. If you have the time would you mind adding the issue you see to Issues list in GitHub? I already listed the sizing issue of maps so no need to add that. But other issues would be helpful. Thanks! Link

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