What are the best places (Outside of NY and CA) for Web development Jobs?

Hello, This is my first post on the Forum so forgive me if this has been asked before.

I currently live in a very rural area in upstate NY where Technology jobs aren’t really available. I started searching for jobs after being self taught for 2 years and recently completed the Lambda School Bootcamp curriculum. I’m ready, willing, and able to relocate quickly when i find my first Developer job. However i dont want to move to a place that doesn’t have a good size technology sector because if for some reason that position becomes unavailable i would have to move again for the following job. I know Remote work has become more accessible but I would like to work in office for the first year before considering remote to learn the ins and outs of the corporate environment.

Does anyone here have any good suggestions about which cities/areas outside of NY and CA have a good size technology sector? which of those cities have a decent cost of living? Are there any good resources to find this information out?

Funny enough, some of my peers worked on an Open Source project called Citrics.io to see all this data, cost of living, and similar statistics. But it appears to have been taken down right before i started my job hunt for some reason. I really appreaciate any feedback regarding this topic!

Not really sure about the employment opportunities at this time, but Phoenix has a fairly reasonable cost of living and a decent amount going on.

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Not sure about now during COVID-19, but I would say Seattle, WA (although it can be expensive unless you live in the suburbs or can work remote) and Portland, OR. Portland seems to have an up and coming tech scene, whereas Seattle already has an established one.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has you covered. Here is the most recent data.

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