What are the best projects to include on a web portfolio as a junior react?

Hello , I am a react frontend developer.What projects should I include on my web portfolio to land a job as a junior frontend?

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The best ones you have.

The fewer “cookie cutter” tutorial and curriculum projects, the better - ideas don’t have to be amazingly original, but the’ve seen thousands of todo lists and weather apps. And learning a little backend is good - you can do better projects.


100% agree. Feel free to list the tutorial/class project ones briefly, but if I see a todo list, a weather app, random quote generator, or anything about movies I mostly ignore it.

It’s much better to have one or two projects that you worked hard on for a long time than a bunch of small demo projects. Try to have at least one project that you can talk a lot about - where you get excited explaining it both conceptually and technically. Be ready to talk about what problems you ran into and how you solved them. Be ready to be asked about the decisions you made in the project(s).


You want to have one project that’s 100% yours (not tutorial based/copied) and substantial (not toy projects like calculators, burger builders, todo lists… stuff that takes half a day)

I made the mistake of building loads of random little toy projects, I ended up building 25 or more of them, when they’re on a cv they just get totally ignored. I see other people making the same error all the time on this forum. Toy projects are for learning, not for putting on cvs.

This is the only personal project I have that I would put on a cv. Took me 6-8 weeks to build initially and I’ve been developing it continually. It’s not perfect, but the point of development is that you keep developing. The challenges you encounter and the ways in which you want to develop it further are the stuff you can talk about in interviews.

It’s also much more engaging to work on something that’s actually 100% yours…your idea, based around a concept you’re interested in developing… and you need something that’s yours so you’re engaged enough to develop it over a sustained period.


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