What are the best resources (ebooks, courses, etc.) to to learn FULL STACK Javascript?

I am wanting to learn to create large, enterprise-level applications using full stack javascript, preferably using an approach that decouples the front end from the backend, like a RESTful approach.

Learning these fragmented little bits and pieces doesn’t help much. I am wanting to learn to create projects that guide me from the front end all the way to the backend thag is simple for beginners to understand.

Some resources I have encountered assume I know certain things I don’t, and they lose me in the process.

I thought about BuilderBook, but that is $50!

This site is the best resource, but it’s not enough on its own.

If you want to learn full-stack development properly, you need to do three things:

  1. Work through the small exercises so you understand the syntax.
  2. Complete the large projects so you understand the structure.
  3. Build your own independent projects, not from a tutorial, so you actually hone your skills in a realistic context.

Again, FCC is absolutely the best resource for this, but that isn’t because it teaches you absolutely everything. That’s because it gives you the basics, and encourages you to build up from there.

I’ll continue studying ffc I guess. But first, I must finish what I start and complete Jonas Schmettman’s advanced CSS and SASS course.

What about BuilderBook? It is $50, but I was thinking…