What are the first priorities in setting up Personal Portfolio Webpage?

I’m about to start my personal portfolio webpage. The 1st project, the tribute page was essentially just a page with text, with some embedded pictures and links. It was as easy as setting up headers and paragraphs and then doing some simple formatting to make it look how you want it. With the personal portfolio, I’m wondering whether it makes more sense to set up the structure of the page first, with backgrounds and buttons, etc, and then fill in text. Has anyone else had this question? What was your resolution?

It is usually recommended that you first create a mental picture of how you want the website to appear. This is regardless if it’s a single webpage or a major website.

Then, practice creating a wireframe or prototype of the look and feel. The purpose of the wireframe is to show someone else your ideas. For example, if you worked in a development shop, the Project Manager will request a wireframe of the project to be shown to the Business/Product Owner. Then, when they give their approval, you will be begin coding.

  1. Old fashioned Pencil and Paper
  2. The Pencil Project]
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  4. The 18 best wireframe tools

Then, once you have everything pretty set to your liking, begin coding and creating the website.

Start small, create the basic structure.

Then, start adding content. I use Lorem2.com if I need example text.


Great sugestions for this exciting project.
I maked a mock-up with Pencil and Paper. And then I sketched with pure HTML, marked the case story with section without links.
Searched the bootstrap function like nav bar and others. I used first the mobile version of the col bootstrap.
Searched the background images in the free repository like wikimedia and stored the choisen images in free sites like flickr. And than code with top down approach. I was helped with questions in stackover.
If I saw the tricks of jamesperrin in the beggining my job was easier.
Tks for the question and the answer.