What are the first steps in building and deploying web projects?

Hi there,

So, I want to dabble in some side projects using good old HTML/CSS, Javascript and React. I was wondering how I could go about doing this.

I dug around and I found two viable options. I could either download Visual Studio Code or I could just use a text editor and test things on my browser. Either way, after I’m done building, I have to deploy what I built, but I have no idea how. I would prefer using GitHub.

I would rather not use CodePen, I want to mimic a regular work environment as much as possible.

You can use GitHub Pages for that.

Setting up your own server might be something you could look into. Doesn’t have to be online. You can set up a VM(VirtualBox is popular) on your local machine and practice there. I find looking through Linode or DO guides to be very helpful. For example here’s a guide on how to install a LEMP stack on Ubuntu 18.04. You wouldn’t need PHP for your needs, but knowing how to get a server up and running could be beneficial. Digital Ocean has a lot of great tutorials as well. Just search for whatever it is you’re trying to do and someone most likely has already written instructions on how to do it. Get familiar with a command line.

Then if you wanted to deploy something online you could either get a $5 hosting account, but have a lot of limitations or get a $5 linode or a droplet and have a VPS to yourself to do whatever you want.