What are the job positions that are mostly outsourced in the technology field?

I’m gonna be graduating in a year with a CS degree, I don’t live in the U.S. and have been thinking a lot about moving there after I graduate and maybe start my career there I’ve been freelancing for a while and made some money it’s not enough for me to move to the U.S. yet. Now what I figured would be best for me is if I found a job while I live in my current country since life here is somewhat cheap a $1000/month would actually be pretty amazing for me. what are the positions that are mostly outsourced so that I can focus on them in my last year? I heard AWS admins are outsourced any other suggestions?

notice I’m looking for a job not freelancing I’ve been freelancing web development for a while now so I’m not looking for that and it has a lot of downsides too.


It depends on where you are. I know that HP has a lot of people in India.

Lots of tech jobs in Ireland! In terms of salary for an entry level grad I’d say you’re looking at €30,000 to €35,000 gross per annum