What are the next steps after Front End Certification?

Hi, I’ve almost finished the Front End part of the curriculum. And I wonder if I should read any popular books like EloquentJS or You Don’t Know JS (book series) before getting to the next part of the curicculum.

I feel my knowledge of JS isn’t well structured. Could you suggest any advice on how I should move further on the learning curve?

I suggest reading books while you are working through FCC projects. While you lay in bed at night, read about 3 or 4 topics that you may have worked with that day or recently. Most programming books, I’ve found, are too dense to sit down and read like a novel. You won’t retain any of the information in them. Think of them more as review/reference materials.

Work on building something with a new part of JS. Then lie in bed and read about it to review later that night.