What are the requirements for each certificate?

I started freeCodeCamp over 5 years ago and the curriculum was very different back then.

I ended up getting a web dev job before I completed a certificate and am now going back through the curriculum mostly for fun.

5 years ago there used to be asterisks beside any challenges that were required for the certificate which usually excluded the tutorial style challenges. I’m not seeing those anymore and I’m not seeing anywhere that explains the requirements.

Do you just have to complete every challenge now even the tutorials?

Thanks in advance!

You only have to complete the projects at the end to get the certificate.

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Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

So how do I actually claim a certificate then?

Shouldn’t this technically count as being complete?

in the settings there is the claim button

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I think you need to complete your whole JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section for the certification.

no, just the 5 projects are needed :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!

That was it :slight_smile: