What are the requisites to get project/certification in the curriculum?

So I’ve been spending sometime in the javascript section, having completed everything there is to do but most of the intermediate scripting, yet I dont have any projects done (still 0/30) nor any certifications (0/6). Do I need to complete every coding challenege to get these?

Thanks in advance

There are a set of projects associated with each of the certificates. Only the projects are required to claim the certificates.

Thats odd, as I’ve just completed the 5 JS projects and yet I have 0/30 projects and 0/6 certifications in the curriculum. I did some projects yesterday and even still they didnt incremente the project counter. They have the green tick like anyother completed challenge…

There’s a bug right now the prevents the algorithm projects on that welcome page. The certificates need to be claimed on your settings page (this can only be done after you have agreed to the Academic Honesty policy).

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Thank you, I’ve just done all that. Didnt even realise I didnt have a username!

Thank you once again