What are these Certifications good for?

I'm curious to know if these are good for an actual certificate for a job or be able to put on a resume or able to print out or if these are just like digital trophies to say you're doing good.

Hi @nitrogold999,

I think the projects you complete in order to obtain the certifications are way more useful. You will gain lots of skills by working through them, and you can add them to your portfolio. In my opinion, potential employers will be more impressed by the many projects you will have completed than by the certifications.

Make sure to add the links for your CodePen or GitHub repositories to your resume so that employers can check out what you have accomplished!

Happy coding!

Not to say anything bad about freeCodeCamp, but that is unfortunately what the certifications are. Many online educational websites are like this though and FCC is certainly not unique in that aspect - the certificates are just a way for you to measure your own progress.

There are only a very small handful of certificates in the larger IT industry that are worth posting on resumes - only things like CompTIA A+, MCSE, etc.

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that makes sense, thanks!

ohhh thats a good idea, thanks a bunch

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