What are you listening to? (when coding)


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I recently bought a nice pair of earplugs to listen to my thoughts as I write code. Any further thoughts would be commented in order to expand the code further.

Outside of coding, I’m listening to a various audioBooks to expand my learning (selfHelp) or a few favorite inspirational hipHopArtists.

We think alike! :slight_smile:

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Perfume, Years & Years, Ayumi Hamasaki, some Kpop, Marina and the Diamonds ect (really gay stuff:3)

I work at home for the past 17 yrs, so sometimes I play some “Office sound fx” to pretend I’m in a busy office with other people… after a few minutes, I freaking can’t stand the noise anymore and am glad I don’t work in an office, with a boss asking for reports.

My real answer I’d play 80s music real loud… really loud, that my mind goes in a zen and I actually don’t notice the sound anymore.

Till the Day I die (FT. NF) radio on Google play.

I typically look up one of the following search terms on youtube and sift though until I find something I like:
smooth jazz
space music

This week, when on the computer, I have listened to the soundtrack from Manhunter (seriously underrated movie) over and over, and also Rod Stewarts songs from the American Songbook.

thank you. this is dope. subscribed…lol

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Im still in the learning stage, so I guess I just need all my concentration right now. Ive tried listening to music, but found I cant listen to anything with words in it. I tried something soft / background-like… stuff from say the Pure Moods album, and it was still too distracting. So…for now, I code in complete quiet.

When Im doing web design though, I have Netflix going on some tv show or movie or something. Partly for background noise, partly as a quick 2m mental break to see what is going on. Ive had to play a show or movie over 3 or 4 times because it gets to the end, I wasnt paying attention at all, and something happens to catch my attention and Im like woah! What happened there?! So I start the show over and…the cycle begins. Drives my poor kid crazy…there have been times she has blurted out what was int he show or movie just so she wouldnt have to see it for the nth time lol

soothing relaxing jazz

“Tirage au Sort”- The Ever After

Groove Armada, Aphex Twin, Lake Street Dive
Spotify Songs Converter helps me get downloads with ease. The DRmare website tells you more about the tool.

I usually listen to house/edm chillstep. Basically yoe mase and bob moses

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What do I listen to? Hmm, lemme see. I listen to my six siblings make as much noise as they can muster, my mom talking on the phone, making business calls, calling the kids or scolding a child that is deliberately ignoring his/her lesson, dishwasher noise, wind, rain, mailmen, classical music for school…etc

Though if I’m taking a break, I like Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder”, "Believer’, “Whatever it Takes” and “Radioactive”.

A nice short motivation is this by Di Young

Whatever’s on Spotify. It’s free with ads but has good playlists.