What are your thoughts on AdonisJS instead of express?

AdonisJS is the “nodejs version” of Laravel. It is inspired by Laravel and includes functionality out of the box. As a mediocre/amateur programmer. I am trying to explore all my options. I am pretty much “shopping” for a technology that works best for me, and it is stress inducing.

I am not an expert but I suggest you go with express, it is quite famous and and If you ran in to troubleshooting people might help

If you are the kind of person who figures things out on his own, it is nice to learn something new.
Actually, I am doing the same thing but me I am trying to find a backend language and framework that fits me and node is on my list and so is the framework express.

The problem with Express I have is that it is minimalistic. You must hunt for the packages you need and implement them yourself. AdonisJS has features right out of the box for building fullstack applications.