What are your thoughts on pro bono projects and internship(without pay and payed internships)

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In a previous topic (this one SEO and the use of the attribute alt="" in images - #2 by ieahleen) someone told me something about THE PRO BONO PROJECTS , that was a new word for me , you could find the quote is down below


But I didn’t know the meaning of “pro bono” , so I did a lil’ research after reading the answer and I get the idea of pro bono projects
But could you talk me more about the “pro bono” projects in web development?

  1. Like it’s a good optipon to start with it for new web developers?

  2. It’s easy to find a pro bono project where I can colaborate if I had the basic requirements need it ? (HTML,CSS, JS)

  • Also what are you thoughts on working as an intern or doing internship without payment? (Would apply the same questions that I did for pro bono projects)

I’m new using this forum I started 2 days ago so sorry for any mistakes that did, I’llpay attention to any recommendation in the use of this forum.
(Also i’m a native spanish speaker so sorry for my english too, I can read things , write things and speak but I make mistakes from time to time)
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If you can help it I don’t think working for free is a great idea. Sometimes it’s the only option for new programmers trying to gain some real-world experience so you have to figure out whether or not it makes sense for you.

I see pro bono work as a great way to give back to a community on which you’ve built your success.

When things are more settled down in my life
I’d love to do some pro bono projects to help organizations who are non-profits and I care a lot about. But I’d be doing it purely as charity work. Not to try and build up my resume which I realize is a fortunate position to be in.


Hi @ivansalinasramirez20 !

The term pro bono is a latin phrase which means pro bono publico or “for the public good.”

That means you would offer your services for free or at a really low cost.

I am not a fan of offering your services for free in the beginning just because there are plenty of people that will take of advantage you because of your lack of experience.

As @dannyjamesfletcher said, doing pro bono work when you have more experience will give you more options to choose an organization that has good motives.

But right now, unpaid work like pro bono or unpaid internships is setting yourself up for getting taking advantage of because you really need the experience.


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