What call code you are moving to GitHub for your resume

I am just wondering, what all code you are moving to github, so that you can show the same at time of your interview?

I’m not sure what you mean. All of my code gets stored on Github because if my computer explodes, gets crushed, or is thrown into the sun, I can get back to work quickly. I don’t think it’s normal to show your Github code during interviews.

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If you really want to have your github act as a “resume”, I’d say only put code you feel is quality and would want other people browsing through. If you start uploading random projects that don’t run, have no readme, have bad code, half finished prototypes, it just looks sloppy, and anyone who spends 5 minutes looking through your projects will tell.

I don’t think people will go through your github projects during the interview, but they MAY go through them in their spare time before the interview process if they are serious about learning how good of a developer you may or may not be.

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Thanks for your suggestion!

Thanks for your suggestion @codyseibert