What can I call myself if I complete FCC curriculum?

If suppose I complete all the lessons in FCC curriculum, what can I call myself? FrontEnd or something else?
This question came in my mind when my colleague (non-IT field), asked me if I can develop a survey form for him. I soon realize if I ever try such thing I still can’t do the data management stuff for the survey form. When will I be able to perform such projects. (just being curious, won’t skip the curriculum, lol…)

After completing the full curriculum, you would be a Full-Stack Developer. By the time you’re done with everything freeCodeCamp has to offer, you will be able to manage the data from the survey form using a back-end server built with Node.js and a database using MongoDB. Stick with it! The courses aren’t always very good here, but it gives you a roadmap to follow, and you can get the actual instruction from other sources. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip the Data Visualization section and come back to it later, as it’s kind of a niche detour. The Front End Libraries stuff is also not totally necessary for what you’re trying to do. Best of luck!


I am thinking of following the same curriculum but would try different sources (like youtube channel, blogs, documentation…) to understand the underlying concept of each challange. would that be enough or I should go for other courses also? I found many courses like Bootstrap that goes for 6 hours long whereby I completed FCC curriculum on the subject so fast. Your suggestion would motivate and help me a lot to plan my learning path. And thanks for the reply.

By all means, pursue as many means to learning as you can. For me, that includes all three of the above, plus forums and IRC channels. I do recommend using the free resources on the Internet before signing up for any kind of “boot camp” course however (admittedly they do work for some people).

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Lol we only have one coding bootcamp available in Nepal. and I am going to return to Nepal (my contract in UAE is going to expire and I want to give myself a try) after two months. However I am hopeful of completing my front frameworks basics (FCC challenges only) and planning to take course in a local institute in Nepal, followed by trying for unpaid/ paid internship if I could find it in Nepal, after completing the course. Which one do you suggest bootcamp or courses. My side of story is, I am going to remain jobless for next 4-6 months after returning to Nepal and I have prepared my mind that I am going to be paid less while I am working as internship or not even get paid for like minimum of 6 months may be. Or else my plan is to go for course rather than expensive bootcamp and indulge myself in study for daily 5-6 hours, after training classes.

It really all depends on how you learn. If you want a more structured curriculum with tests and feedback, a course might be the way to go. Do your research, read reviews of courses on the web. If you pick things up from docs and trying them out, then you have plenty of resources on the internet to choose from.

freeCodeCamp is sort of a middle ground. We give you a set of small lessons to follow, but encourage you to branch out and find more information from other documentation sources and tutorials. So it’s safe to say that when it comes to learning programming, you can start right here. If we don’t teach it, we’ll try to get you pointed in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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I do have faith in FCC curriculum than anything else. We learners are actully grateful to have such an awesome place to learn.