What classes do I need to build this App?

1.Fully autonomous A I powered drone that sends live video streaming to the Emergency Alert System (Amber Alert).
2.Object recognition software.
3.Tracking a person.

This is such a broad question. This is a large and complex system that would need a great many classes. Can we get some context here?

Um yeah that’s not gonna happen from any conversation here.

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Classes are an implementation detail, where your asking more about full system architecture and technologies.

I’d compare it to asking what kind of elements you need from the periodic table of elements, to build a house. There just too many levels between what your asking (OOP classes) and what you give examples for.

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Hello Brad Taniguchi,
Thank you for answering I am taking this course to learn how to write software for my system because I have been quoted anywhere from 2k to 350k to build it, seems everyone I talk to about my project they try to RIP MY TEETH OUT OUCH! This is my system I have a patent pending.Air Raptor Security Systems

Hello Chuck Adams,
Thank you for answering I hope to have a conversation here but if not I will continue to learn and build my system I have a patent pending for my technology and after getting quotes from 2k to 350k I decided to learn code. This is my system Air Raptor Security Systems

Hello Jeremy LT,
Please take a look at my 3D video for context.
Thank you for your reply
Air Raptor Security Systems

You need a team of professional developers and a big budget to make that work.

Well Jeremy, When I write the code you’ll be one of the first to know believe in yourself is one of the principles that I live by.

So you expect us to be your free team of professionals to help build a system you are going to make millions off of someday?

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I’m trying to give you a realistic assessment here. It would be difficult for a single experienced developer with knowledge of AI and robotics to do a project like that alone. In my experience, you need a team and a big budget.

Coding is hard. Robotics is hard. AI is hard. Prototyping is hard. It all takes time, money, and experience.

I wish you luck with your project.

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Thank you for your response but the way I look at it, I need to connect to the video system and the technology is already there for tracking and object recognition software I don’t anticipate the outlook that you have presented but again thank you for your response.

There is always a relevant XKCD

Other then the enormous development cost and all the other difficulties in manufacturing a working prototype (if that is the plan). I would think you would have a hard time competing against the multiple million/billion-dollar companies that are already developing Non-Lethal drone systems and other R&D efforts from various places. I would imagine the patent alone is hard enough to get.

Anyway, this forum is not going to get you closer to your dream. Good luck.

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Good Stuff Jeremy,
When I have a working prototype I will send you a video and I can guarantee it will not take me 50 yrs to complete the task.

Nobody said it would take you 50 years, just that you probably need a big team and a big budget, especially if you want to compete with the massive defense contractors already developing this technology with big teams a big budgets. Like I said, good luck.

This is a great time we are living in now the old way of doing business with big teams and big budgets technology gives the little guy a chance.

Thank you for your reply lasjorg,
I will do what I must to get my project off the ground I understand this is a forum I am not expecting an answer for my project here but what I would like is some input because I am new to coding I am just trying to figure out what classes to take.

To achieve this on your own, you would need to become an expert in at least:

  • Physics
  • Math
  • Electrical engineering
  • Embedded systems
  • Networking
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Signals processing
  • RF and wireless communications protocols
  • FCC (or equivalent) regulations
    • Really, a whole bunch of legal stuff

This is a non-exhaustive list, just off the top of my head. Also, there are several parts of that proposal rely on technology practices that aren’t legal.

It’s an ambitious goal. I work for the sort of company that builds things like this and we do some really exciting stuff with technology that the rest of the world doesn’t know exists. If you would like to be involved in that sort of work, then the first step is to start with the basics. Learn to program (what language you start with doesn’t matter, but if you know you want to work closely with hardware you’ll need to learn C and become comfortable with assembly languages). Learn math. You’ll want algebra, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. Learn college level physics, both physical systems and E&M coursework. That will keep you busy for a few years and be absolutely necessary if you want to build this sort of hardware.

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The top end of that would be extremely cheap for what you’re asking for, the low end is impossibly cheap.

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