What CMS is used here?

I’m asking because this site mixes content with JS Calculators. I have several word press sites that I’d like to add calculators to, and in the future would like to have varoius JS Calculators on a page with frequently updated content.

I like the CMS systems for ease of writing and publishign the articles, but i still havn’t figured out how to add a calculator to a word press page.

It uses Drupal.
Drupal uses php, like Wordpress.

Thanks I knew someone would recognize it. What were the telltale signs?

Is there anything inherent in drupal that makes adding a javascript calculator as a page or post is easier than wordpress? I’ve tried wordpress javascript plugins before without much luck.

I hit Ctrl + u in Chrome to see the Source Code and searched for wp, wordpress, drupal etc.

I don’t know anything about Drupal, but a quick Google search showed some ideas how to use JavaScript in Wordpress: Link

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The easiest way I know is a browser extension like Wappalizer - it is excellent to gain insight into websites.

I have it added to Chrome, but it may be available for other browsers as well.

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