What code editor has this color of syntax?

Does anyone know, what code editor and theme Authors were used to show examples in all articles (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) on the web: Mdn web docs_ Learn web development | MDN
And looks like that:

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 16-07-25 Your first form - Learn web development MDN
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 16-04-24 What's in the head Metadata in HTML - Learn web development MDN

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 16-06-04 Responsive design - Learn web development MDN

Thank you for any future suggestions and ideas.

most editors are customisable, so it’s not possible to say

What is the Specific Reason that you are wanting that Editor. Perhaps if you let us know the reason, someone may be able to help you find something that suits your needs.

I just love those colors and I was trying many ways to setup and edit in my editors (Vscode or Atom ) by can not get the exactly same results like they have on Learn web development | MDN in all articles. Even, I can not find a way to contact they and ask them.

If you’re using VSCode, here’s the themes extensions marketplace.

It’s not an editor color theme. It’s a Prism (code highlighter) theme.


Not sure what editor theme it would be the closest to but maybe some Atom One variant. Here is a handy site.

edit: in case you are feeling adventurous

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