What comes after the coding training?

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I am new on this website. I saw commercials about coding on social media. It drew my attention which is why I am on this website. I saw that I can follow a free coding training. But my question is, what comes after the training? What if I have read and learn all the trainings? Does that mean I can have jobs online as a coding programmer? Because I prefer to work at home online.

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After you learn to write code, you can build things with code. Whether or not you are able to get a remote job as a developer depends on a lot of things, from your coding skills to your job-hunting skills.

Thanks for the reply!
I don’t want to follow the training without having a job after the training thats why I am asking it.
Where can I search for programme coding jobs if I have finish all the training on this website? How can I work as a self-employed person after this training like where do I begin?

There is no place online that has free training or curriculum that it going to guarantee you a job. The only thing I would suggest if that’s what you are looking for is a coding bootcamp that guarantees the placement after you finish. You can search for those and find one you like, but you will probably be paying $10,000+. Otherwise you have to put in the work of learning, and making your own projects, making a good resume, and practicing your interviewing skills like everyone here trying to get a job.

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