What courses / books you guys can recommend to help finish Intermediate and Advance algorithm sections?

And also it is so bad if when i get stuck, I just go and watch youtube video and copy what they do (of course with understanding)

I like Think Like a Programmer. Let’s be clear, though - no book or video is going to magically make you better at this. The point of the algorithms section is to make you think about solving problems with programming. None of your answers are going to change the world. No one can see your answers if you don’t want them to. I’m not morally against copying code as long as you understand it, but these problems are learning opportunities. Don’t get caught up in having answers for the sake of having answers. I would say that if you’re struggling with something, it’s better to read the documentation listed on the challenge. Instead of scouring Youtube for an algorithm to copy, look for a video about how to use Array.prototype.slice. Look at the hints in the wiki. Ask on the forums or in chat. Remember, this is supposed to be a challenge, and you’re not supposed to get through this without a struggle. But the point isn’t to “understand” an answer, it’s to be a better problem solver. Don’t rob yourself.


Thank you! Big thank you for both of you :slight_smile:

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I’ve came with this doubt today of what’s the best book for building a solid foundation learning algorithms, and after researching I’ve found that this book is the most recommended.

Since I didn’t find some direct and strong recommendation at all related questions at fcc forum, I’m sharing it in all related posts.

The book is: The Algorithm Design Manual

Just like people say “Practice makes perfect” so don’t solve a project just one time and especially don’t say “Hope it works” when you change some codes because you should know what it does and what changes it would make…
For example:
If you want a beer
You need to go to the market to buy it
Now look at this:
If you go to the market
You need to buy a beer because you want it
Or another example:
1 + 2 = 3
3 = 1 + 2
Are they the same? Why and why not?
In other words, after you complete a project, you should re-do it in different way without looking at the previous codes…