What Developer tools should I use as a beginner programer.?

My question is what tools/programs or plugins should I start out using.?
My plan for the long run is to learn how to make games and apps for mobile devices. But I think I would like to do web design also.
I kno there are a lot of options. But I am looking for the most beginner friendly tools
I plan on focusing mainly on Ruby, Python and Java Script for now
So a good IDE and text editor and whatever else you think I might need to effectively make programs and build websites would be appreciated
Also i would like to avoid “shortcut” tools like WordPress for example
I would rather learn how to properly write code on my own first. The hard way if you will…
Not too hard though. Remember I’m still a beginner
I currently have NO developer tools installed. So a full list would be welcome

here’s where I’m at:
-Sublime Text 3
-Ubuntu - Firefox (still researching server stuff)
-MacBookPro OSX - Safari
-Lenovo ideapad 310-151kb, running Win10 - MSEdge

*Linux/Ubuntu has a BOATLOAD of apps that will run virtual machines. Or you could go with a PAID cloud service that offers virtual boxes.

You’ll discover useful tools as and when you find yourself running up against the problems they solve, so don’t worry too much about tooling at first. Just use whatever computer you’ve got and load a decent modern editor on it - I’d recommend VS Code, but there are plenty of alternatives.

It’s easy to get bogged down in learning how the tools work rather than learning to code, so minimise the tools to maximise the code :slight_smile: