What did I do and how can I fix it?

Yesterday I was passing all the tests on this challenge, but I still wanted to tweak the design. I was trying to make some adjustments today, and I messed something up because now it is saying my nav-bar is not staying at the top of the viewport. (Although when I scroll, it does stay at the top?) I probably changed some code somewhere, and now I can’t figure out where.
If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

(I figured out the nav-bar and am passing all tests. Not sure how to mark this as solved.)

As far as the design, I am trying to learn more about flex-box and grid, to try and align my text and images in a particular way. I also plan to make a hover pseudoclass and have the selected link change color. I may also play with the font-colors throughout the page. Other than that, do y’all have any feedback?

(Especially could use some pointers on responsiveness…)


Hi @micha.ella

I replaced #nav-bar with #header in your css and it passed. The test is looking for the styling of the header I suppose.

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Thank you @MrBondx ! I think I had created a div for the header container, instead of keeping it inline with he header element. I changed the header class to container, took out the div, and that fixed it. until I mess with it again, lol.

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