What did you use to supplement your FCC education?


I’ve suddenly had to exit employment and may be out of it for awhile (I really don’t know how long, it’s all happening due to a medical issue.) But the bright side of all of this is that I now have a lot of time to dedicate to learning to program!

I’m looking for anything you’ve used to help beef up your knowledge, whether it’s books, youtube videos, podcasts etc. I’ve got a lot of free time and so I’m hoping to set myself up in a sort of bootcamp style environment, but I don’t want to be learning from resources that won’t help me get hired at the end of it all.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You don’t say where you are in your Web development progress but assuming little or nothing start with
Colt Steele Web Development Bootcamp on Udemy.
You don’t know js - can read online from gitgub


I would recommend CS50 for anyone interested in programming (regardless of experience). It’s an awesome course developed by Harvard that goes through key computer science topics (added plus: it’s free).

As mentioned by @darpots, the YDKJS book series is a great JavaScript supplement. I’m on the third book (going over the this keyword), and the information has really helped me with the Calculator project. Again, they’re also free (I still bought the physical books and don’t regret it).

I also found Practical JavaScript to be a helpful course. It introduces the MVC framework (methodology?) through small tutorial videos. I usually don’t like this type of teaching, but it was done really well. Also free.


My absolute recommendation is The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 By Rob Percival on Udemy, but if I understood correct your question, you are searching for more tutorial style learning. Then try Sololearn (great community learning concept) or Codecademy (great lessons for free and employment help on paid profiles)

I think you can refer to courses covering the depth of any topic on Udemy after covering the basics. Check out books by Sitepoint . Their books are amazing and are full of information about topics related to web development and design. You can check out podcasts like Start Here.fm , JavaScript Jabber,etc.

As for me, I’m trying all you recommendations. No one can stop me from that. LOL. Maybe it would take time but I know that perseverance is the key. I also tried the YDKJS book series and it was great. The tips were straight to the point. That was first recommended to me by the guy I found in https://www.ihatewritingessays.com/ and it was really helpful.

Pretty much everything out there, I even got lucky enough to land a 3 month internship while still learning stuff like React and .net core asp.

Udemy and Manning/O’reilly books have helped a lot to learn new technologies and reference sites like MDN are also huge.

Hey! I dont know your level in programming but if you havent seen it yet check Traversy Media channel on youtube. Brad has the best ability to explain things and on his channel enought materials to learn.