What do ? and : mean in function syntax?

Hi! I am currently on problem set 17 in the “functional programming” chapter of JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures, and finally got the solution, however I did the long method and didn’t do a 1 line method like the solution suggested doing. I see the solution is listed as:

function alphabeticalOrder(arr) {
  // Add your code below this line
  return arr.sort(function(a, b) {
    return a === b ? 0 : a < b ? -1 : 1;
  // Add your code above this line
alphabeticalOrder(["a", "d", "c", "a", "z", "g"]);

However, I have no idea what the syntax means in this one line function statement.
Particularly, the “?” and “:”, what do they mean?

Thanks for any help!

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Challenge: Sort an Array Alphabetically using the sort Method

Link to the challenge:

Take a look here:

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