What do employers want to see?

Hi, at the moment I have done 80% of the front-end projects and some of the data viz projects. I have an interview comming up next week for a junior position. My problem is, what do employers really want? Some say they want someone who has a clue, some say that doing someone else’s projects isn’t enough. They want to see your own convieved projects. I am getting frustrated here.

Let’s say an employer wants to see your previous work. Which would be better?

100 projects you’ve done based on other people’s specifications or;
0 projects you’ve done by thinking them up on your own

An employer wants to know you have the skills to take a client’s specifications and turn them into reality. You can certainly demonstrate this by showing the challenges you’ve completed and the projects you’ve built during tutorials or whatever.


That was what I was thinking as well. How often do you think up stuff totally on your own?

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