What Do I Do Next After FrontEnd Certificate?

Hi guys! I’m well on my way towards finishing the frontend course here on FCC and was wondering what those of you who have found jobs, or monetized your coding experience, did after this course to get to your current career-point. Did you continue taking courses on FCC(or Udacity or SoloLearn, etc.)? Did you learn more fundamentals or start learning frameworks?

Or did you start building project on your own and learned through doing? If you started your own projects, what was your focus? Did you want to make a website from scratch, or did you create a web app? Did these projects give you the experience you needed to feel confident in an interview?

I have a lot of questions because I don’t know what all I still ‘need’ to know in order to land a job. Every step I take forward, I realize there is more I have yet to learn. My main goal is to become fullstack. I am intermediate-level in python and am taking a web app course (via flask) on udacity, but even on that front, I don’t know what is enough and what isn’t.

If anyone is willing to give me some much-needed advice or guidance, I’d really appreciate it. I’m also looking for a mentor if anyone has the time and patience, lol. Thanks for listening guys!

Please sit down.

OK, I know there is a lot of talk about “learn a little web dev and land a great job”, but the truth is that things are more complicated than that.

Yes, there are a few people that finish the front end section and land a job, but that is an extreme exception. It will be affected by the job market at your location, your other experience, the demand in your location, if you find a gullible hirer, how much you can charm the hirer, what skills you’ve showed in your portfolio. And the biggest factor is luck.

The truth is that there are guys on here that finish the entire FCC program and are still looking after a year or two. To be honest, the skills that you’ve learned on the front end of the FCC program? Those are basic things that most people can do for free with sites like wordpress and wix. A modern web dev needs much more than this to succeed.

By all means, start looking for a job. But in the mean time, batten down and keep learning. Finish the FCC program. Start building apps to fill that portfolio - I can’t stress how important this is. If you keep working at it eventually your skills, market demand, and luck will intersect to land you a great job.

I’m not trying to discourage you. I think letting you feel that the problem is you would be much more discouraging.


The main question was what steps should I take next. So, if I have a lot to learn, what would you suggest. If it’s projects, which kind specifically If it’s learning, which topics/concepts?

Well, you finished the Front End certificate. I think the logical next step would be to look at the Data Visualization or Back End certificate. It really doesn’t matter which order you do them in.

Beyond that it’s really hard to say what to work on because there are so many paths. You might check out this for an idea. For me, I just try and build things and when I run into an obstacle, I research it.

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Besides just “continue doing the rest of FCC”…

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Wow, yes the link is PERFECT! I’ve been trying to create something similar for myself but I knew I was missing some important aspects. It’s incredibly detailed. Thanks so much !

I knew these guides were out there somewhere. Thank you so so much. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I may not be there yet but at least I finally have some kind of path(s) to follow

Watch this if you haven’t watched it yet and it’s useful for finding a job

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