What do I have to do in twitch TV project?

I’m not clear what is asked from the project on the twitch app. What is the bare minimum I have to do to pass this exercise?

The app should display a list of Twitch streamer statuses (i.e., online/offline). You can include whichever streamer you want (some streamers are provided in the project page), but freeCodeCamp must be included as per the user stories. You should be able to the streamer’s channel through the app. If the streamer is online, the app should show what the streamer is currently streaming.

At the minimum, the app has no interactive elements (other than the links to the Twitch channels). The main goal for the app is to display Twitch user statuses.

So i can just hard code a list of streamers and the app should show whether they are online or not and redirect to their page, right? Is that all?

Yeah, at the minimum that’ll be all.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: