What do i need to code ecommerce and blogs?

total novice, need direction

What do I need to learn to :

  1. code ecommerce websites for specific brands;
  2. Code blog layouts that include a ‘shop’ section?

I’ve no interest in being a career coder. I only aim to accomplish those two things for my own businesses.

What should I study?
What specific programming languages and functions should I choose to learn?

Hi, I am not a pro but I am just sharing what I learnt so far-

to build a complete functional ecommerce website, you have to be a full stack developer, that means you need to learn front-end technologies (which is mostly about creating visually stunning and friendly user interface) like html, CSS and front end libraries like react, etc.
you need to learn back-end technologies like php, javascript, nodejs, etc.,
database related technologies, atleast SQL to create, modify and retrieve data.
I am also planning to develop a ecommerce website to put on my portfolio/resume. Here is how I am planning in the following order :
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Data Structures and Algorithms, and SQL.

The simplest answer is don’t code it.

There are plenty of off the shelf solutions for ecommerce that don’t require you to learn code. You might still need to be a little technical, but you won’t need to learn how to code to get close to what you want.

I’d look into sites like shopify, wix, wordpress, all of which offer online services that you can use to create a website/online shop. There are lots of alternatives to those three so I’d do some research.

If you wanted to learn how to code to do this, it would take vastly longer and a lot more effort to learn what you need to get anywhere near any of those sites. I’d only go this route if you already checked those sites and didn’t find what you needed, or anything close to it.

However, your requirements (e-commerce, online store) is actually very common, and one of the main use-cases for a lot of those sites, which are aimed toward people who want presence online, without needing to know a bunch of heavy technical skills to build it themselves.

Good luck on whatever you choose :+1:


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