What Do I need to do this app?

Until now I only have practised building apps with data already written by me, but now I have to do this kind of app:

An app that lets an user create a “Test” or exam. This test or examn consits of this:

  • A map which will be visible through the whole 10 questions of the test. So the user must have the ability to upload an image (this shouldnt be too difficult).

  • Each question will have two buttons, one will be right answer, other one will be wrong answer. The buttons are supposed to be like “classes”, like “altitude buttons”, “contour line buttons”…etc. So in each question the user can choose the type of buttons he/she wants to put in the test, depening on the kind of question he is writing.

  • In each question, a drawin pin will be located in some location on the map. In each question, the location of this drawin pin will change! So the user must have this kind of possibility, to move a drawing pin (or something similar) across the map in each quesiton.

I´m quite lost in how to approach this, i Have practised building JS apps, but some features of this seems almost like Game programming lol. Any advice please? I am really serious about building but I could use some advice/tools reccomended.

You need to be more specific about what you mean by “map”, “upload map” and “move around a map” because what you’ve written covers a pretty vast problem space.

I updated. You were so right, it wasn´t any specific how I wrote it.

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