What do I need to learn to build a sort of job board in JavaScript?

I just pretty much completed the js lection so I didn’t do any real projects yet, just basic algorithm scripting stuff. What I need to do:

  1. Create a board where people can post a job
  2. Create a way for users to have their own accounts where they can be rated based on their performance.
  3. Let users take a job with their accounts
  4. Find a way to put all of this online (it’s used internally in a company, not intended for public use)

Right now I have no idea where to start and what to learn, can you recommend any resources that could help me gather the knowledge I need in ~2 weeks?

If this is more complicated than it sounds, is there a way I can achieve this with existing platforms?

(I know there is some stuff about this on the board but it’s a couple years old so I don’t really know if it’s still accurate)

You can start by continuing through the curriculum and working through the front-end projects. You will eventually need to learn back-end technologies (i.e. databases, Node and/or PHP) to create a final solution.

Two weeks? Probably not, but in two weeks you can be further along in the learning process to get you to the point of creating such a project.

When I say 2 weeks I mean 170 hours :wink: I know the basics of node (and I’m not touching PHP) I just have no Idea about databases, putting the whole thing online (or at least online for private use) and user interaction with the website.

Everyone learns at a different rate and we have no idea what knowledge you have other than you said you made it through the basic algorithm section and you just told us that you know the basics of Node. When you say basics, we have no idea what that means.

Before committing yourself to finish such a project in 2 weeks, I suggest you working on a few of the Intermediate Front-end projects first, so that you learn how to create an interactive webpage first. This will be crucial in developing the user interface for the public facing job board and the seured login portion where the jobs would be entered. You will still have to use a database (i.e. Mongo, mySQL, or MS SQL) to store the jobs in and use Node (if that is your preference) and other libraries to interact with the database to add, delete, and update each job’s details.