What do I need to learn to make this?

Good afternoon!

I want to create a sales tool for the company that I work for.
I already have basic Javascript, React knowledge.

The sales tool will require the sales person to login, create customers and create quotes for them. The quotes will be generated as simple as possible for the sales person buy answering questions such as what product, how many etc… and the quote price be generated automatically for them. They can then save this, export it to do a document that can be emailed or printed for the client.

The quote will stay saved under the sales persons account for future reference.
The sales manager/director will be able to login and see all of the sales people and look at the quotes they have generated for performance.

It’s basically like a CRM with quote generation but designed specifically for this company.

What do I need to learn to make this happen as I’m guessing this will require Back-End & Front-End as will need data from database to pulled and pushed.

Look forward to your responses.


I suggest you first write down user stories > Google BDD

Later you can prioritize user stories weekly basis and start building one by one.

You can check YouTube for similar projects which has covered your requirements to get some hints

Overall this sounds like the usual custom full stack app. The biggest “quirks” would be where you get the data to generate the quote, and how you handle user logins.

I assume this system will need to interact with existing services to get the relevant data to generate the quote. The company should have this data somewhere, and depending on how the quote is generated you might have to interact with another existing system.

I point out how you handle user logins as your company probably already has some kind of authentication setup for its users, which you will probably want to leverage. This way users don’t have to create a “new account” and can just use their company one.

If you don’t know much about back-end or full stack development I’d recommend looking into building full stack applications, along with learning what you need to get this to interact with existing systems, and requirements for applications built for your company, such as where its hosted.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building