What do I need to learn?


just “finished” my first run of “Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners” (Beau Carnes, YouTube) and followed along with the your pertaining online-course (excellent!).

Now I wonder what will I chose next to learn in order to

  • manipulating text
  • manipulating text files
  • write user definded functions (OK) and invoke them (???)
  • write scripts and invoke them

I am building up a movie and tv data base sort of thing.


Harrison Ford 	Harrison Ford 	... 	Joe Miller
Julian Sands 	Julian Sands 	... 	David Smith

needs to turn into:

[[Harrison Ford]] - Joe Miller
[[Julian Sands]] - David Smith

(First segment contains TAB-STOPS as DELIMITERS; code display shuns COURIER NEW)

What do I need to learn (JavaScript)? (And I really would like to do it myself)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, you are already on the website, so you might as well give the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course a go. It allows you to gain a certification as well. This course primarily teaches you the basics and intermediates of the language, logic and also teaches you how to start tackling algorithmic problems. It does not necessarily dive into DOM manipulation and interactivity, which is another use of JavaScript. If you want to know more about those, MDN has a page that introduces you a bit to these kinds of concepts, and of course more information can be found there and on W3 as well.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
That is the course I just “finished” LOL

Had a first glance at the MDN page, and that’s certainly a valuable hint - but am I ready for that?

The documents I want to modify are plain text files. So far, I open them in a text editor (VSC, ST or Brackets) and do the manipulatin manually …

Actually I am looking for guidance on how to proceed on FCC.

Thanks a lot for your advice :slight_smile:

Over the weekend I had occasion for a second glance :slight_smile: I will now first do all the exercises on that page, then I’ll report back :smiley:

It has been some time since I last visited this site, and I would like to report on the current state of affairs.

I found a regex video by Beau Carnes on YouTube

for which there is also an fCC course here.

I watched everything and followed along, so I had the idea to use a regex to handle the content of the selected (CTRL+C) clipboard. (Without opening and reading files). Then “with a little (a lot!) help from my friends” here I am with a RegEx one-liner (sic!) that does the whole transformation. (I’m not allowed to publish solutions here, am I?). I can now simply paste the transformed content whereever I want it :slight_smile:

The one-liner is not mine, an expert created it from three (working!) expressions I provided.

So far for now

ps Please let me know if I am allowed to post the RegEx (My three and the one-liner)?

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