What do you code while learning?

I’ve been wondering, aside from the FCC projects, what do you code while learning? I’ve been learning from various resources, and I can’t seem to find anything to code really. I just read the material, and some of the courses/books I’ve been into have a few code-alongs, so that’s all I code while learning outside of FCC.

Many people say that you need to always be coding, but coding what exactly? What do you guys code while learning? Any examples? And also where do you find ideas of what to code?

@AmirF27 I create and run code snippets to test what I think I understand. Especially when I’m reading books like the YDKJS series! I keep the snippets as small as possible to focus on the particular question I’m trying to answer. For some ongoing topics, like OOP, I’ve created a Github repo to catalog what I’ve learned and tested. For example OOPINJS.

I’m currently playing around with writing basic HTML and CSS code in textwrangler. I am trying to make a simple page that displays info and links on human anatomy (musculoskeletal system) since that’s what I study. So far all I have is a page with some info on the rotator cuff, but it seems like good practice so far! I am a total newbie so I’m not sure if my advice is any good, but maybe download a free texteditor and then just work on something simple. Maybe make a profile page or just a page on a subject that interests you.

Hope this helps!

@jdmedlock So, you basically solve questions in the book? Or do you come up with an idea and write the code? Also, how do you write it as if it was a book on GitHub? I mean with all the tables, structure and stuff? I might do something similar (when I get to the YDKJS book), I think it’s impressive and a great idea. What about HTML and CSS? What stuff do you code for those?

@DannyD1121 Thanks for the reply. I already did the tribute page from here (postponed the portfolio project for now). Though, I’m getting into the more advanced stuff and about to start getting deeper into JavaScript. Good idea nonetheless! :slight_smile:

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@AmirF27 If there is an example I don’t understand in the book then I test it verbatim and use a debugger to step through the code, examining the changes in variables as it executes. However, more often than not I try to come up with my own examples to test my knowledge and understanding.

The GitHub README.md file is a Markdown file. Markdown is a simple text formatting mechanism. GitHub has several guides you can use to ramp up on it.

I haven’t snippets for HTML or CSS. I probably should for CSS though. I’ve tried to follow a model for my web pages created for FCC exercises and challenges, expanding them along the way. Because of this I haven’t created outside snippets for either HTML or CSS. But this is a good point that you bring up. I should create a GitHub repo for them to organize and catalog them for future reference.