What do you guys do to help yourself learn?

Hey there, I’m making this thread to ask advice on learning I’ve personally got through HTML classic course and started some of the updated HTML+CSS course, I’m also on the regular expressions of JS now, but I’m curious on what you guys do to maximize your learning and optimize how much you take in, So far I’ve been taking notes on each course and then if I don’t feel I understand something fully I’ve been watching YouTube videos on it to break it down such as recursion, What practices do you guys follow to help yourself learn and understand more.

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When I was first learning how to code, I focused a lot on building projects.
While I was going through the curriculum, I would also build side projects to help me retain the information.

That strategy also helped me learn how to debug, research for help and learn about new methods and approaches to problem solving.

That would be my advice to you. The more you build projects, the more you will learn and grow as a developer and learn skills that will help you on the job.

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We like to use many different ways to learn. To stay interested in the topic, we use active learning strategies like taking notes, taking part in discussions, and making study groups. We also use spaced repeats to help us remember what we’ve learned.

We also use technology to supplement what we learn. For example, we can use online classes, online flashcards, and online tutorials to learn more. Lastly, we like to do self-reflection to see how we’re doing and make changes to how we study if we need to.

that’s a great question and I can answer it from my tutorial / learning hell in 2021

  1. Learn HTML and CSS from FCC, YT etc. Taking notes is good, use pomodoro technique along with flash cards
  2. Build all the HTML and CSS projects from frontend mentor
  3. Now repeat above 2 steps for JS
  4. Repeat steps for React, build some cool portfolio projects and you will be job ready.
  5. Have weekly, monthly goals during this journey to make sure you’re on track

All the very best

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