What do you think about learning framewroks at first if your goal is to make websites?

Hello!I’ve earned the FCC Front End certificate, created one big website from scratch locally. Some time ago I discovered, that there are plenty of frameworks which can help you to make websites quicker.

So my question is what do you think to spend time on at first:

1)Making websites by using Photoshop PSD-files and HTML,CSS(especially CSS),Bootstrap from scratch?

2)Learn to make websites by using frameworks such as materialize.css or material design for boostrap 4 where you can simply add a class to your div and make a fully responsive website which you can migrate to WordPress in about 10 minutes?

And what companies expectations are there on the market today? Which way is more in demand (first or second)?

Libraries are fine and dandy, and you’ll probably use them extensively if you become a web developer.


Be careful about learning a library instead of learning a language. Libraries and frameworks will come and go. None are right for every situation. Also, you ultimately probably not want to be using the the library features “out of the box”, but rather customize them and build on them to create your own look and feel. You can’t do that unless you know how to work well with the underlying technologies.

You asked what companies’ expectations are. In an interview, it’s extremely likely that they will ask you to perform tasks without any llbraries or frameworks. They will probably use libraries or frameworks, but for the reasons mentioned above, it’s your core proficiciency they’re interested in rather than your experience with specifici libraries.

Thank you very much for your answer,I appreciate it.

Please check this list, what do you think about these11 requirements?Is it exactly what I need if I want to make websites?